About us... 


Senior Trainer and Co Owner

As owner of Linella Dog Grooming in Smethwick, Tina has over 40 years experience working with different breeds and dogs of different ages. Tina has experience of dogs with different tempraments due to this.

  As a Kennel Club certified agility judge, Tina takes part in agility competitions with her dogs. Linella, Pawmasters sister company has recently been given KC status for agility. Tina also attends ringcraft classes and is a dab hand at it!

Tina has also completed courses in microchipping, canine massage and canine first aid as well as training courses with the prestigious Institute of Modern Dog Trainers run by Steve Mann, Tina also attends various seminars and courses to enhance her skills and knowledge.


Tina has nearly completed her diploma in Canine Behaviour.

Sadly, Tina lost 6 of her beautiful babies due to an unforseeable tragedy. Always in our hearts and never to be forgotten Lexi, Harvey, Ruby, Jack, Disney and Beryl.

Tina teaches bronze, silver and gold classes.


Senior Trainer and Co Owner


Laura is a qualified nurse and volunteer puppy walker for Guide Dogs. Laura grew up with working police dogs from a young age. Laura adopted Kiki who was a Guide dog puppy but sadly had to be withdrawn due to health issues, Vogue, Kiki's niece has also recently joined the pack and is also a withdrawn Guide Dog. They both attend classes most weeks for the pups to get used to an older dog.


Away from dogs, Laura is also a qualified swimming teacher with over 16 years experience teaching children and adults at a number of venues including Birmingham University. Laura is also a qualified mentor and assessor for student nurses, this allows Laura to adapt these skills into helping you train your dog by using various methods of communication and teaching skills.

Laura has grown up with dogs and has experience dealing with a variety of breeds. She has a lot of experience of one-to-one training and teaching, and teaches Puppy, Silver and Gold.

Laura keeps herself updated with the latest developments in dog training by studying courses and gaining Continuing Professional Development points alongside Tina in her free time. Laura has a distincition in a certified Diploma in Canine Behaviour and is also a Canine First Aid Responder and Instructor.

Laura has also completed her level 1 dog pregnancy scanning course with Vet Imaging.

Laura has also completed dog training courses with the prestigious Institute of Modern Dog Trainers run by Steve Mann.



Rich is one of our junior trainers. Rich has experience completing our training courses with his rescue dog Henry.

 Rich is a primary school teacher so is able to adapt his training style accordingly.

 Rich will takes the lead on Linella agility training along with Tina and is currently competing with his own dogs Henry and Coco.

  Rich enjoys meeting new breeds of dogs and finding new training techniques.


Rich trains puppy and Bronze classes but also enjoys teaching Silver and Gold.




Ellie joined us in 2017 training her own dog Lily a Japanese Spitz. Ellie and Lily were our second partnership to pass their Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme with us. Lily and Ellie are also competing in agility with Linella Dog Agility.

Ellie has now returned as a trainer and is currently teaching Silver and Gold Classes.

Ellie is a swimming teacher so she is able to adapt her teaching style to classes.