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Simple Training Rules


Our rules to help you get the most out of training with us!

  • Ensure you bring poo bags (Our pooches love to embarrass us!) If you can, try and toilet you’re dog before the class.

  • A fitted lead and collar, not a slip lead and no flexi leads or harnesses. We sell a range of quality collars and leads, just email us for more information.

  • All puppies MUST have had their second vaccination prior to commencing the course. Unless your vet has given authorisation.

  • If you think your dog or puppy may have kennel cough or anything else the vet deems as contagious please contact us prior to attending class.

  • Bring some small bitesize treats, coachies and cheesy bites (pedigree) are brilliant training aids. Never drop a treat when the dogs head is tilted back, ensure the head is down to prevent them choking. Especially playful pups.

  • Ensure you’re dog is on lead at all times except for when we have asked for it to be off.

  • Don’t forget you’re dogs ID tag with your address on, just incase they ever wander off it’s an extra security blanket. We offer a microchipping service and strongly advise you have your dog microchipped, you have a higher chance of getting the back if they get lost or stolen, it hurts for a few seconds but gives a lifetime security!

  • Bring your pooches favourite toy, a grooming brush and plenty of treats to every class, for those in Novice and Advanced don’t forget your dog beds!

  • If you have a bitch that has not been spayed and is in season, please do not being her to classes, the boys will be arguing over dates and we don’t want that! A season normally lasts 21 days. You may notice a spot of a reddy, brown discharge on the floor, count this as your first day. Keep the bitch indoors for 21 days but we advise 24 before free running as she will still be giving off a scent.

  • We advise that boys are neutered for behaviour reasons and for health reasons.

  • Please arrive on time for class, if you are more than 10 minutes late we may refuse entry to avoid disruption.

  • Please email or call us if you are unable to attend class.

  •  Please feel free to bring any family or friends along but note that they will not be able to sit in on the class.

  • Wear suitable footwear and clothing to classes such as comfy jeans, joggers and trainer or walking shoes.

  • All dogs must be over 10 months to take part in fun agility and a good level of obedience must be apparent. Please note agility will take place outdoors so please wear non slip footwear and bring a waterproof (just incase!)

  • If you have any problems, complaints or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Laura or Tina directly. We will endeavour to provide a solution.

  • And finally remember THIS IS FUN! We look forward to meeting you.

  • *Please note if rules are not observed we reserve the right to terminate your booking with us without a refund. Rules are in place to keep everyone safe and secure.*

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