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Dog Training & Socialising

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Welcome to you and your dogs to our training school.

We are based at our purpose setup unit on Beakes road in Smethwick and have indoor and outdoor training areas.

Our classes provide a fun and relaxed environment to help you achieve a stronger bond with your dog.

We have a wealth of knowledge with many different breeds, personalities and ages, including specialist puppy classes because you can never start training too early!


We only use positive reinforcement techniques during our training. Our aim is to run fun and leisurely training sessions for both owner and dogs. We love dogs and we want to help you to master those four paws - because no one wants to be a stressed dog owner. We want your experience and life with your dog to be an enjoyable one.


Dog ownership is rewarding and fun, but a lack of training can lead to stress for you and your pet. Life is much easier when you have a happy, well-socialised dog - and here at Pawmasters we can help you and your four-legged pal with everything from basic commands to more complex behavioural problems.

If however we feel the behavioural problems are too complex for a group situation we would advise a dog behaviourist. If your dog is showing signs of aggression that are putting you or others at risk we strongly advise speaking to a behaviourist immediately.


Please note: We DO NOT train dogs to be security or guard dogs.

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Obedience Training

Dog Training

We train on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Classes run in 6 week blocks for puppies and 8 weeks for Bronze, 10 weeks for Silver and Gold.

Vist our courses and registration page to find out more about courses.

Trimming the Fur

Dog Grooming

Tina runs Linella dog grooming next door to the Pawmasters training centre. She is a seasoned professional of over 53 years and offers a range of grooming packages to suit all needs.

Vist the Linella website for more information.



We also offer agility training, a great sport where you and your dog can work together to achieve great results and keep you both fit!

For more information see our agility page.

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 19-13-21 Therapy Dog Training UK Train My Dog To Be A Therapy Dog

Dog Therapy Training

Tina and Richard are both Therapy Dog Training UK Trusted Trainers. This training means once passed your pet can visit schools, nursing homes hospitals etc or wherever the venue will accept them.


Call us to find out more about training with us. For more information on the scheme click here.

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