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Meet the Team

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Tina Stockton

Senior Trainer Accredited Kennel Club Good Citizen Trainer & Therapy Dog Training UK Trusted Trainer.
tina with her dogs
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I am owner and a senior trainer at Pawmasters. I have over 50 years dog grooming experience at Linella Dog Grooming Salon which I also own. Working with different breeds of dogs of all ages I have gained experience of all sizes and temperaments.

I am a member of The Guild of Master of Dog Trainers and I pass on this knowledge to clients at Pawmasters. I am also a Therapy Dog Training UK Trusted Trainer. As a Kennel Club certified agility judge, I can be seen around the agility rings at weekends.


My own dogs are trained and handled by Richard at agility shows. I have shown Standard Poodles in breed classes and enjoyed being at crufts on the green carpet with them. I have completed courses in microchipping, canine massage and canine first aid as well as a training course with the prestigious Institute of Modern Dog Trainers run by Steve Mann. I also attend various seminars and on line courses to enhance my skills and knowledge.  I have completed an on line diploma in Canine Behaviour.


Sadly, in 2019 I lost my 6 beautiful canine babies in an unforeseeable tragedy. Always in my heart and never to be forgotten Lexi, Harvey, Ruby, Jack, Disney and Beryl.


After much soul searching I began to have other dogs and now share my life with two Standard Poodles, Daney and Jon, a Patterdale, Libey a Border Terrier, Jaycub and three Biewer Terriers, Sharna Tess and Tiny Tasha.


At Pawmasters I teach bronze, silver and gold Good Citizen classes and oversee all aspects of training classes. I am now Trusted Trainer for Therapy Dog Training UK. These classes are suitable for owners who wish to take their dogs with the establishments permission into schools, nursing homes, hospitals etc. Tina is also a Kennel Club qualified examiner for KC Bronze tests.

Richard Barker

Senior Trainer Accredited Kennel Club Good Citizen Trainer & Therapy Dog Training UK Trusted Trainer.
richard holding one of his dogs
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I am one of our senior trainers with over 8 years experience with Pawmasters and am also a Therapy Dog Training UK Trusted Trainer.


In my day to day life I am a qualified primary school teacher and have worked in education for over 12 years. I now work as an advisory teacher supporting schools with children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.


I started my Pawmasters journey by bringing my rescue dog, Henry the Harrier Hound, to classes and working my way through the courses. ​CoCo a Working Cocker Spaniel joined my family as a rescue puppy and now enjoys training in both obedience and agility. ​ Prudence the Standard Poodle joined the family as a puppy and is now also competing in agility.


I take the lead training role at Linella Agility  Training along with Tina and Elle. I am also competing with Tina's and my own dogs, hoping to make my way to crufts someday! I train all aspects of Good Citizen training and enjoy meeting and training all new breeds of dogs and finding new training techniques to share in my classes. I am sometimes available for 1-1 consultations if required.

Eleanor Harley 

Senior Trainer Accredited Kennel Club Good Citizen Trainer.
eleanor with her dog

My name is Ellie. I am one of the trainers at pawmaster. I studied and passed with distinction, the Animal management and science level 2,3 and 4. I carried out works experience at a variety of animal sites including Dudley Zoo, Pets at Home, Vets for Pets and Birmingham Sea Life Centre.

I first came to pawmasters back in 2018 with my own dog, Lily. I started doing the bronze training with Lily my Spitz and slowly worked my way up to gold. I enjoyed teaching Lily all the new things so much that I didn't want the training to end.


Pawmasters put on an advance training class for people who wanted to continue after gold, but unfortunately we couldn't continue the advance lessons. However Tina could see that I enjoyed training my dog and helping others with their training so she asked me if I would be willing to help her with some of the classes. I jumped at the opportunity and said yes.


I started out just watching Tina and the other trainers so that I could build the confidence and my knowledge around training dogs. Over time I started helping out with lessons and eventually started teaching lessons by myself being overseen by Tina.


I have been teaching since 2020. In 2022 I became an Accredited Kennel Club Good Citizen Trainer and am now able to teach all aspects of Good Citizen in my own right. I have worked with a variety of dogs from big to small. Each having their different challenges.


My end goal is to make the owners confident with there dog which will eventually form a strong partnership. I also train and help with classes at Linella Agility and myself and Lilly love to run the courses.

Jessie Harrison 

jessie and her dog

Hi my name is Jessie Harrison I came to Pawmasters in 2019 when I was 8 to train my Cavachon dog Woody. I liked it so much I stayed!


I trained Woody up to Gold good citizen and then as I enjoyed it so much I wanted to carry on. Tina allowed me to stay as she feels that at some point all dogs come across children and thought it would be good if there was one at training classes.


I now help the trainers taking part in sessions and meeting the dogs. In 2023 Tina put me forward for The Young Kennel Club Community award for helping other young people at training and passing on what I have learned.


At Crufts I won the category and enjoyed being there with Woody. I love helping with the charity events held by Pawmasters and my dream is to eventually become a dog trainer myself and follow in the other trainers footsteps.

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