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Class Days

Classes are held every Monday and Tuesday evening and run in 6 week blocks for puppies and 8 week blocks for Bronze and 10 week blocks for silver & gold.


Merchant House Beakes Road Bearwood West Midland B67 5RS. Close to the main Bearwood Road and to major bus routes

Course Content - Good Citizen Class Training

If a dog has had no training and you wish to start then your dog would start at bronze, with the exception of puppies who will follow the puppy course.


A course must be taken and the short exam at the end of the course must be passed before you can progress to the next course.

In addition to classes, we also offer 1-1 sessions to focus on specific areas you wish to work on.

Click the buttons below to open the course content PDF's and if it suits you then call us to book in.


Our rules to help you get the most out of training with us!
  • Ensure you bring poo bags (Our pooches love to embarrass us!) If you can, try and toilet your dog before the class. 
  • A fitted lead and collar, not a slip lead or flexi leads. We will advise on the correct items for your dog once you are training
  • All puppies MUST have had their second vaccination prior to commencing the course.
  • If you think your dog or puppy may have kennel cough or anything else the vet deems as contagious please do not attend. The same applies to a female in season.
  • Bring some high value treats just used for training. We suggest cocktail sausages to start with. Never drop a treat when the dogs head is tilted back, ensure the head is down to prevent them choking. Especially playful pups.
  • Ensure your dog is on lead at all times except for when we have asked for it to be taken off. 
  • Don’t forget your dog’s ID tag which should contain by law your surname, address and post code we recommend you put your phone number on for quicker contact. We offer a microchipping service, it is law your dog is microchipped. You have a higher chance of getting them back if they get lost or stolen, it hurts for a few seconds but gives a lifetime security! 
  • Bring your pooches favourite toy, a grooming brush and plenty of treats to every class. 
  • We advise that dogs are neutered as it can promote better behaviour and for health reasons.
  • Please arrive on time for class, if you are late the training door will be locked so call the phone number on the door for entry. 
  • Please feel free to bring a family member along we can usually accommodate two people per dog.
  • Wear suitable footwear and clothing to classes such as comfy jeans or joggers and trainers or walking shoes. 
  • If you have any problems, complaints or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Tina directly on 07790443238 and she will do her best to address the problem. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse any dog which the trainer feels will cause a problem in any of the classes or show any form of aggression while in class to other dogs or owners. 
  • And finally remember THIS IS FUN! We look forward to meeting you and your dog.
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